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Here you will find information on the Generosity Campaign and Endowment Fund

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Planting seeds, investing in the future

Generosity Campaign

Our church has been planting seeds and watching them grow.Rev. Walter LeFlore, our developmental minister, recently moved from New York to lead our congregation. Jessie McKeon recently changed her role from member to our new Director of Lifespan Faith Development. Their leadership has planted a new spirit of warmth that is revitalizing our wonderful congregation of UUs here in Roanoke, Virginia. A new life is emerging from the soil.

As the 2021-2022 Generosity Campaign begins, we plan to sow yet more seeds with this year’s pledges.

Spring has come.

When we step outside, we might see the first stirrings of life emerging from the soil around us: snowdrops, daffodils, tulips, irises. At some earlier time, their bulbs were planted in the earth, fed with nutrients from the soil, watered with rain and snow, and now they are stretching their leaves and stems toward the sun, gracing us with their joyful beauty.

Come join us.

When we all pledge together, we ensure a bright and vibrant future for us all.

Just below the slideshow, you may pledge electronically using the provided e-form. However, if you prefer a hard copy of the pledge card and/or pledge packet, please contact Judy Granger (; church office: 540-342-8888).

Go ahead and plant a seed. Invest in our future.

  • Number of Pledges Goal – 145 73.8% 73.8%
As of 5/29/21, we have 107 pledges, which is 73.8% of our goal of 145 pledge units.

These pledges include 98 recurring (i.e., pledged last year), 5 resumed (did not pledge last year but pledged in previous years), and 4 new (i.e., first-time pledge).

  • Budget Goal – $225,000 88.6% 88.6%

As of 5/23/21, the pledges we have received account for a commitment of $199,271, which is 88.6% of our goal of $225,000

Generosity Campaign Slideshow

Please see the slideshow below. Click on the arrows to navigate through the images.

Endowment Fund

A giving program of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Roanoke

UUCR Mission Statement -We respect and honor one another as we work for social, racial, economic, and environmental justice.

Our Vision – UUCR is a beacon of hope and a harbor for all who value wisdom found in every faith tradition and every person’s spiritual truth

About the Fund

The Endowment Fund of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Roanoke consists of the monies given to the church above and beyond those annual contributions required to directly support the church operating budget. Your gift will continue to help future generations.

Management of the Fund

Four trustees, elected by the congregation, manage the Endowment Fund using specific guidelines and policies established by the congregation. The fiduciary duty of the trustees ensures that the fund is managed responsibly for the long term benefit of the church. The Endowment trustees invest the Fund in conformity with the bylaws of the church and the 2008 Virginia Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act. Annually, the trustees determine the amount of the Endowment Fund earnings available to the Board in support of our principles and our church.


Assets are reported quarterly to the UUCR Board, and to the congregation at its annual meeting.

Donor Tax Benefits

Gifts to the Endowment Fund in most cases can result in substantial income tax savings. For specifics, please consult your professional advisor.

How to Give

The Endowment Fund principal grows primarily by gifts from church members and friends. Some members contribute periodically to the fund, some contribute through their estates , and some make special contributions in honor or memory of family members, friends, or church members. Types of gifts and ways of giving include checks and cash; securities; Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and employer retirement accounts such as 401k, 403b, or 457 plans; property, including real estate, art objects, and other items of value; and naming UUCR as beneficiary of wills and life insurance policies.

Click here for the UUCR Endowment Fund Gift Intent: Endowment Gift Intent Form

The Seven Principles Funds

These quasi-endowment funds are not bound by UPMIFA requirements, but shall be prudently invested based on the anticipated time frame of disbursements from these funds. Mission and Ministry Fund

The Goodykoontz Fund

The Goodykoontz Fund, a thoughtful bequest from Jack and Helen Goodykoontz to UUCR, is to be used for capital expenditures only, at the discretion and direction of the UUCR Board. The link below explains how to request funds

Procedure for disbursements from the Goodykoontz fund

M&M Fund

The Mission and Ministry Fund was created in 2017 with a generous donation of $100,000 from Walter Dixon. The purpose of the fund is to minister to our congregation and to extend our mission beyond the walls of the church. Proposals will be considered in the areas of education, social justice and more. Additional donations to this fund are welcome. To obtain a form click the link below:
M&M Form.docx


For More Information

For additional information about the Endowment Fund and gifts to the Fund, please contact one of the current trustees. For the names of the trustees or other information, email , call the church office at (540) 342-8888, or send a letter to the attention of the Endowment Trustees, UUCR, 2015 Grandin Road, Roanoke, VA. 24015-3525.