Safety Recommendations

We would love for you to be safe.

Here is a complete list of our current Covid Safety recommendations, based on those of the CDC:


·      At UUCR, the choir, performers, and presenters will be distanced from the congregants and do not need to wear masks.

·      Masking is optional for the congregation, but those who sing should wear a mask.

·      The preparation and serving of food in the church is now allowed.

·      Please be considerate of the varying levels of comfort of those around you, and respect individual needs for social distancing.

·      We encourage everyone to be vaccinated and fully boosted, unless there is a medical reason not to.

·      Avoid being around people who are likely to be sick with Covid 19.

·      If exposed to Covid, wear a high-quality mask for 10 days and get tested on day 5.

·      If you test positive, stay home for at least 5 days, and then wear a high-quality mask through day 10; if your illness is moderate or severe, isolate through day 10.