Upcoming Services

December 2- “Winter Holidays 1” with RevAlex
On this Sunday, we begin the joyous work of preparing our worship space and our spirits for the winter holidays. We’ll hang greenery. A tree will be erected, and covered with a multitude of lights and ornaments. We’ll also dust off our spirits and move towards restoration of our souls. We will once again lift up the great wisdom of making Merry in the cold and dark. Come, Come to share the great gift of your being!

December 9 – No-rehearsal Christmas Pageant THIS EVENT HAS BEEN RESCHEDULED FOR DECEMBER 23.  All services and events on December 9th have been canceled due to severe weather reports. 

December 16- “Winter Holidays II – Gifting!” with RevAlex
It’s a Sunday to ponder the practice of gifting. We’ll explore connections with faith. And we’ll have fun looking at how giving can go astray. Come, Come to prime yourself for the giving demands of the season!

December 23- “No Rehearsal Holiday Pageant” with Alan Moore and all ages of UUCR’s youth. 

December 24 – “Christmas Eve Candlelight Service” with Our UUCR Choir and RevAlex
We gather this evening, as we have in many years before, to remember the Christmas story and reconnect with how it still holds meaning for us. Readings, carols and gifts of music will delight our senses before we close with a communal candle lighting. It’s precious holiday practice to which All Are Invited!

December 25 –“Christmas Day!” with RevAlex
Come, Come to be together on Christmas Day! Readings, stories and music of the holiday will be our practice. So too, the sharing of warm holiday greetings with each other.

December 30 – Guest Speaker, TBA

January 6, 2019 – “New Year Aspirations!” with RevAlex
It’s a Sunday to hear our congregations settled minister hold forth on his aspirations for his ministry and our congregation’s future. In other words, it’s a Sunday to hear an old fool ramble on about what is near and dear to him. Come, Come in the goodness of the New Year!