Upcoming Services

February 10, 2019“A Sermon on Sex” with RevAlex
Our congregation is growing it’s commitment to OUR WHOLE LIVES (OWL), the sex education curriculum jointly developed by our Unitarian Universalist Association and the United Church of Christ. Beneath our commitment is long-standing wisdom in our congregation that our sexuality is sacred and warrants celebration. We renew our commitment to that holy work in today’s worship.
We will also celebrate Scouts on this Sunday!

February 17, 2019“A Winter’s Tale” with RevAlex
The polar vortex will surely have done a number on us by this Sunday. But whatever the temperature outside, we’ll gather in worship to celebrate all the goodness of tales, and to hear a new one – about us!

February 24, 2019“Our African American Opportunity” with RevAlex
We gather on this last Sunday of African American History Month to ponder choices before us. Individually and as congregation, we have opportunity to change towards better celebrating the gifts and wisdom of our fellow African Americans. This opportunity is pronounced in the Roanoke Valley. Our minister understands our congregation wants to move in this direction. We worship today in contemplation and celebration of the opportunity.

March 3, 2019“On the Edge of the Ides” with RevAlex
March beckons with the winds of change. They blow cold. They blow warm. They are like vibrant congregation – shifting, whistling, unsettling, comforting, paradoxical, and worthy of celebration! Our congregation is on the edge of change – a vote on new bylaws. We worship today in affirmation of all the hard work of the last two years to make these bylaws happen.