Upcoming Services

Upcoming Services

September 1   “RevAlex Channels Oprah” with Special Guest Anna Tulou-Orr!

In today’s worship, RevAlex interviews Anna Tulou-Orr, UUCR’s Summer 2019 Worship Leader. We’ll also celebrate how every soul in our congregation helped bring about meaningful and successful summer worship. Come, Come to hear Anna share insights, thoughts and feelings about her good ministry with us!

September 8  “Our Fall 2019 Water Communion Ingathering” with our UUCR Choir & RevAlex

We share this Sunday in Water Communion. Through this uniquely Unitarian Universalist ritual, we’ll give public witness to one another of our choice to be part of our congregation,
and to support its covenant. Come, Come to mark the goodness of beginning again in love!

September 15  “A Gadfly Moment – Part One” with RevAlex

Throughout the time that Unitarians and Universalists have been merged, we’ve had many moments of doubt about our abilities to have hearts big enough to hold it all. Today we remember some of  the challenges since 1961, and ponder what we’ve learned. Next Sunday, the 22nd of September, we unpack particulars of a challenge currently shaking the foundation of our faith. Come, Come to remember and celebrate the courage of UU sisters and brothers who have gone before.

September 22  “A Gadfly Moment – Part Two”  with our UUCR Choir & Rev Alex

 This summer’s Unitarian Universalist General Assembly, held in Spokane, WA, back in June, had an unexpected event pop up that will be much studied. It shook us. And we do well across the land, in the wake of that shaking, to make sure all our congregants know about it towards all in our faith being in contemplation about what best we do into our future. Come, Come to learn of our recent challenge and to begin the work of discerning gifts from it for our congregation, and our larger faith.

September 29  “Into The Woods – Again!” – with RevAlex

The Sondheim/Lapine musical “Into The Woods” was birthed into our culture back in the 80s. The musical’s exploration of historical cultural wisdom about change in our lives coincided with big changes RevAlex was making in his life at the time. Today our minister holds forth for just a bit about his own gleanings from the musical before launching into reflection about how it might also afford insights into our congregation’s changes over the years. Come, Come to remember UUCR history and to reflect on how it might best inform our path forward, through and out of the woods.

October 6 “Special Guest Speaker Darwin Honeycutt” – with RevAlex

Our Congregation’s Board of Directors has benefited over the last three years from the facilitation of its retreats by Darwin Honeycutt. Darwin is the former Dean of The Florida School of UU Leadership Training. Today he brings a message to our congregation that’s grounded in what he’s learned from the work done with our Board. Come, Come to celebrate wisdom from the outsider!