01 October 17 – “Agreeing About Sin” with RevAlex
Yes, we can! Come, come to hear what your minister has to say about this heretical possibility.

08 October 17 – “Chaos!” with RevAlex
You’ve heard it before – everything falls apart (entropy always!). Good religious folk have throughout time been pretty matter-of-fact attitude about this insight. Today we wrestle with the question of what we, UUCR’ers, yearn to be in light of this possibility. Come, come to celebrate the gifts of congregational chaos!

15 October 17 – Guest Speaker

22 October 17 – “The Great Mystery!” with RevAlex
Vibrant religious community always engages the possibilities of The Great Mystery. It’s the first of a two-part Worship series on the possibilities of their being much more to life than that of which we are conscious. We’ll also begin familiarizing ourselves with what might lie ahead for our congregation’s efforts to better realize The Common Good. Come, Come to enjoy our Congregation!

29 October 17 – “It’s Scary…” with RevAlex
Our children help us begin worship today with our Annual Halloween Parade of Costumes! (Children and Adults are encouraged to come to church this Sunday in costume). It’s our “Scary to Be Hungry” Sunday on which we’ll learn about the incredible food drive that our children are mounting to insure that no one in the Roanoke Valley goes hungry in the upcoming winter months. In adult worship, we’ll ponder gifts of fear – especially the gift of sainthood. Come, Come to laugh with our wonderful children! Come, Come with gifts of food and money for our children’s food drive. Come, Come to face the fears of our time and ponder the possibility that great gift does lie in them!

05 November 17 – Pulpit Exchange!
RevAlex will be exchanging pulpits today with his beloved colleague, Rev. Paul Boothby. Paul serves our congregation in Lynchburg and is delighted to be speaking at UUCR this Sunday. Pack the place for Paul!