01 April – “Easter Flower Communion” with RevAlex
We gather for our Annual Easter Flower Communion this Sunday. Bring your flowers from home if you’d like. Our Communion Table, as always, will be set with a multitude of elements representing a multitude of religious traditions. All will be invited to the table. The hope behind the communion is to celebrate both personal religious understanding and personal commitment to the life of congregation.

Easter Sunday is an All RE Day for the kids, featuring a purposeful egg hunt.
Come, Come to Celebrate Easter and the Life of Congregation!

08 April – “UU Camps and Conferences Experiences”
Quite a number of our members have attended at least one SUUSI, some have been to The Mountain in southwestern North Carolina, and a few have visited Ferry Beach and Star Island in New England.  Come hear about the impact of UU camps, conferences, and retreats on individuals and families.  Come to be inspired to continue your own search for truth and meaning.

15 April 18 – “The Snow Sunday Sermon” – with RevAlex
We indulge our Minister this Sunday in opportunity to preach what was prepared for our last Snow Sunday. Come, Come to let him catch up on his preaching!

22 April 18 – “Earth Day 2018!” – with Many UUCR Voices
It’s a Sunday to hear from folk throughout our congregation on why Earth Day matters ever more. It’s a Sunday to touch the fearfulness of how much still goes poorly in our care of Mother Earth. It’s a Sunday to be glad for all we’re doing to make our planet better. It’s a Sunday to be part of good work larger than oneself.
Come, Come to renew commitment to stewardship of our Home.

29 April 18 – “UUCR Wokshop Sunday” with RevAlex
The minister moves into Workshop Facilitator mode today. We’ll be grouped at tables throughout the sanctuary. We’ll be in conversation with one another at those tables. We’ll be unpacking the many facets of what we see coming in our future as a Unitarian Universalist Congregation in the Roanoke Valley.  Come, Come to give voice to your yearnings and wisdom.