Upcoming Services

21 October 18 – “From the Angelic Third Balcony!” with RevAlex

The old thought that we always have an angel looking over our shoulder underpins today’s sermon. It’s follow-up, going deeper, on the possibility of pro-actively working for authenticity in the life of a congregation. Come, Come to Wrestle with Angels!

28 October 18 – “Samhain” with UUCR’s Worship Weavers and RevAlex

On this Sunday before Halloween, or as is more historically correct – All Hallows’ Eve, we gather to share in new worship ritual to celebrate Samhain. Leading today’s service will be members of our newly forming Worship Weavers. More detail will follow in weekly announcements. Come, Come to ponder the great mystery from which we all came, and to which we all return in due time.