2 April 17 – “A Fool’s Day!” – see description from last month’s newsletter.

9 April 17 – ” A Vision for UUCR – Part One” with RevAlex
Without a vision, the people perish. It’s old wisdom, often repeated. And it still rings largely true for religious community. As we once again work at visioning, we re-acquaint ourselves with visions from our past. Come, come to know more of what has been hoped will come to be at UUCR!

16 April 17 – “Easter Communion” with RevAlex
We celebrate communion with one another during today’s service. Our communion tables, to which ALL are invited, will be set with a multitude of elements. Flowers that each of you are invited to bring to service with be most noticeable. Along with them will be the traditional grape juice and bread of our Judeo-Christian heritage, the stones of Pagan practices and the Peeps and Jelly Beans of our own cultural practice! All theological perspectives are to be honored! The invitation will be to make commitment to the possibility and challenge of congregation. Come, come to celebrate being together in the hope and promise of congregation!

23 April 17 – see Sunday Services write-up

30 April 17 – “A Vision for UUCR – Part Two” with RevAlex
It’s a Sunday for the minister to hold forth about the minister’s vision for our congregation. Which means it’s also a Sunday for each of you to be in contemplation about what you hope to see happen out of what we are. It’s a Sunday where you may hear both “Amen Brother!” and “You Be Crazy Man!” It’s a Sunday to relish shared congregational reflection about what might me. Come, come to enjoy shared visioning endeavor

07 May 17 – “Sustaining Spirit” with RevAlex

Being of spirit in ALL THINGS is daunting work. Today, we explore some of what others have to say about how we might be of this nature. We also contemplate what we as a UU congregation have in shared commitment towards this possibility. Come, Come in the promise of great and sustaining sprit growing ever stronger amongst us.

14 May 17 – “Mother’s Day!” – with our UUCR Choir & Director of Music Kerry Morgiewicz, Catholic Theologian Kim Redigan and RevAlex
We gather as congregation to celebrate our Mothers, mothering energies and all that helps us move more intently towards wholeness. Our beloved Choir and Director of Music are sure to delight with their special gifts of music. Special Guest Kim Redigan, whom you can learn more about at her blog (writetimeforpeace.com), will engage us with contemplative sharing woven into all of our service. This Sunday promises to afford us a particularly rich worship experience. Come, Come to enjoy!

21 May 17 – “Our Annual UUCR Church Picnic” – with Our Congregation!
We gather in (get place from ?) to play and break bread with one another. We’ll have a brief worship service, including special music from our choir, and then we’ll have a picnic! Come, Come to mark the beginning of summer renewal!

28 May 17 – “Our Annual YRUU Service!” – (get description from Bonnie)
YRUU (Young Religious Unitarian Universalists

04 June 17 – “UUCR Visionary Possibilities!” with RevAlex
It’s a Sunday for the Rev to finally give voice to visionary possibilities he understands are before us. It’s a Sunday to ponder whether we want to choose any of them, or others, for our shared future. It’s a Sunday on which we’ll also move from worship directly into our Annual Congregational Meeting. It’s a Sunday on which we, for the third time, strive to reinvent our Congregational Meetings towards making them more engaging, more fulfilling and more meaningful. Both our Board and Minister are committed to doing all possible to insure we close by 12:15 p.m. Come, Come to know both the poignancy of worship and the power of democracy!

Services in July and August were from Intern Tyler Coles

July 9: “Formed in the Storm”
Themes: Creation, Covenant, Chaos

July 16: “Prophetic Fire”
Themes: Justice, Imagination,

July 23: “When the Church Ceased to Be”
Themes: Community, UU History, Discernment

July 30: “All Uncharted”
Themes: Mystery, Question, Uncertainty

August 6: “A Complicated Bounty”
Themes: Harvest, Contemplation, Challenge

August 20: “A Balm in Gilead”
Themes: Lament, Anointing, Hope

03 September 17 – “A Theology of Labor” with RevAlex
It’s the Sunday of Labor Day Weekend. It’s the end of summer. It’s time to get back to work!
But why? Why labor as fiercely as we do? And when is our labor too much? It’s a Sunday for deep contemplation about whether our labors can deepen our theologies. Come, come to keep doing the work of church!

10 September 17 – “Water Communion Ingathering!” with Our UUCR Choir & RevAlex
We gather on this Sunday for our much-loved annual water ritual. Come, Come bringing water as you feel so moved. Come knowing that in this ritual we affirm our commitment to the wisdom of congregation. All are welcome! All are gift!

17 September 17 – “A Summer’s Last Sunday” with RevAlex
It’s a Sunday to begin unpacking the possibilities of a new season. Of chief interest to your minister is our beginning to explore the possibility of our becoming a congregation of “deep story”. It’s a Sunday to hear your minister hold forth about new possibility. It’s a Sunday to ponder your own deep story.

24 September 17 – “Our Deep Promise” with RevAlex
It’s not just “deep story” (see prior Sunday’s sermon description) but also “deep promise” that warrants our contemplation as a congregation. Today we remember the deep promise of our past and ponder whether there’s deep promise for our future. Come, come to be a people of promise.