We are on a Mission

We are on a Mission

You Can Make a Difference

Who does your heart break for?

Discovering a sense of personal calling and passion is a big part of the spirituality we promote here at UUCR.  As you explore and deepen your faith it is a common experience to feel a stronger sense of compassion for others and a desire for greater justice and mercy in the world. This is what our mission groups program is all about.

Mission groups start as people gather around serving a particular cause. Some of these include children’s issues, the environment, and LGBT concerns.  Unlike a committee, mission groups are not permanent fixtures, but rather are dynamic, being created, grown, merged, split, or ended as the personal sense of mission and vision evolves within the life of the community.  This website will keep an updated list of the active mission groups so you can contact the leaders and learn more about what they’re working on and ways to get involved.

A mission group can be initiated by anyone in the church who discovers a real sense of passion and purpose to make a difference in the Roanoke area, and who can get 2 or 3 other people to join them in the cause.  For us, asking the question “who does your heart break for?” is the beginning of this process of developing a mission.  If you find your heart beginning to answer this question let us know, and we’ll work to empower that calling into making an impact in the world.