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A Welcome to you from our Education Program Director. Click here.

Children's Religious Education

Pictures from 2015 and late 2014

More education information for our children and youth is on the visitor page.

The UUCR provides developmentally appropriate programs for children and youth that:


As UU, we believe that...

These ideas come from many places:

Thankful for all of these ideas, we want to learn even more.  We come to church where we freely share our thoughts and feelings and promise to trust and help one another.

"Whatever...stimulates the imagination, encourages exploration, provides for creativity, develops reasoning, aids in perception, allows for differences, anticipates questioning, and adds to a love of life...shall be part of our curriculum."
-Sophia Fahs

If there are any questions about our Religious Education Program, please don't hesitate to contact the Director of Lifespan Faith Development.   S/he will be happy to mail a prospectus by snail mail if you include your name and address in your e-mail.

Have a great year and thank you for being interested in our Religious Education program at the UUCR!

UUCR child abuse policy and other forms can be found here
Unitarian Universalist Church of Roanoke Travel, Participation Release, and Authorization for Emergency Medical Treatment of Minors

A parent permission form is available. Choose the format that suits your printer best:
Text file   and   Image file.

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