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The Racial Justice Team’s mission is to facilitate the evolution of UUCR into an anti-racist congregation which sees racial justice activity as a natural expression of our tradition’s values and beliefs and is committed to building a racially just and loving world. Through programs at UUCR and within the community at large, we seek to promote understanding of white supremacy and its consequences and to advance racial justice in our congregation and community.


On February 18, 2018, UUCR joined UU congregations across the country in holding a White Supremacy Teach-In. In the following months, several members of the teach-in planning group met to discuss how they might continue anti-racism work in the church and ultimately formed the UUCR Racial Justice Team. We developed vision and mission statements, met with UUCR’s professional and lay leadership to explore ways to incorporate an anti-racist perspective into all church programs, and developed a second White Supremacy Teach-In, held on November 11, 2018.

Find the on-line resources used in the teach-ins at these links:

White Supremacy Teach-In 2/2018

White Supremacy Teach-In 11/2018

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Suggested Reading List

In early 2019, we identified The Pledge to End Racism program as our primary strategy to facilitate UUCR’s evolution to an anti-racist congregation. With the support of UUCR’s Board, we entered into a partnership with the program administrators at First Unitarian Universalist Church of Richmond to bring the program to Roanoke. We also entered into an exciting partnership with Williams Memorial Baptist Church to work together to implement the program in our community. The Pledge Leadership Team, including members of UUCR and Williams Memorial, leads the joint work of our congregations in this effort. On November 1-2, 2019, our first facilitator training was held and on November 3, 2019, our two congregations shared in a Pledge to End Racism worship service at Williams Memorial, with over 100 people from both churches in attendance. The service was led by Rev. Dr. David Jones, Pastor at Williams Memorial, and Annette Marquis, Pledge to End Racism program administrator. After the service, congregants were invited to sign the Pledge to End Racism.



Racial Justice Team Members

Dotsy Clifton, Lorraine Fleck, Dana Martin, Joan Wages         

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To learn more about the Pledge to End Racism initiative click the link below:

The Pledge to End Racism

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