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Action Advocates is a group of church members who believe that an important way to put our UU principles into action is to make our voices heard by our local, state, and national elected officials. We encourage members and friends to meet with, call, write, or e-mail their legislators to urge them to vote in favor of measures that are consistent with our UU values and to oppose measures that are not. You can find contact information for the legislators representing our area, along with tips for making the calls, below.


November 2018 election information.

Links to the campaign websites of the House of Representative and Senate candidates are listed below.  Please take the time to visit their pages and read their positions on issues important to you.

Sixth District House of Representatives

Jennifer Lewis:

Ben Cline:

Ninth District House of Representatives

Anthony Flaccavento:

Morgan Griffith:

Fifth District House of Representatives
Leslie Cockburn:
Denver Riggleman:
U.S. Senate
Tim Kaine:


Telephone calls are among the the most effective ways of making your views on upcoming legislation known to your representatives.

A basic script: “Hello, my name is _____ ______ and my address is _____________ “ (give full address, including zip code). I am calling to ask [Senator/Rep] ___________ to [support/oppose] [bill name and #, policy, action]. This matters to me greatly because  ______. Thank you for your time.”


Federal Legislation/Issues

S2155 The Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act

This bill is a rollback of regulations on “too big to fail” financial institutions put in place after the global financial crisis. Among other things, it enables banks to avoid monitoring and allows banks valued at less than ten billion dollars to sell high risk mortgages.

Net Neutrality Protection – In December 2017, the Federal Communications Commission voted to reverse 2015 regulations protecting net neutrality. Net neutrality lets all users have equal access to all internet content and prevents service providers from charging extra for high speed access to specific websites or blocking access to certain websites altogether. Congress can reverse this decision within 60 legislature days via the Congressional Review Act.

State Legislation/Issues

Election Finance Reform – Bills have been filed to require disclosure of the sources and amounts of all contributions, to subject on-line political ads to the same disclosure requirements that apply to print, radio, television ads, to prevent candidates from spending campaign donations on personal expenses unrelated to the campaign, etc.

Election Process Reform – Bills have been filed that would make access to voting easier, including extending voter registration dates, allowing absentee voting without an excuse, automatic voter registration via DMV data, etc.

Electricity Rate Regulation – Bills have been submitted to repeal or amend a 2015 law that stripped state legislators of their power to review electric rates and removed the requirement that power companies refund excess profits to customers. The State Corporation Commission has reported that due to this law, Domion Energy and Appalachian Power Company may have “overearned” as much as $426 million that would previously have been refunded to customers.

Medicaid Expansion – Since the Affordable Care Act was passed, the Virginia legislature has declined to accept available federal funds to expand Medicaid coverage to an additional 400,000 low-income families and individuals.

HB 795 Limits on Solitary Confinement in Virginia’s Prisons – This bill would place needed limitations on isolated confinement in Virginia prisons. In Virginia, solitary confinement is not being used strictly as a last resort. Too many people with mental illness and other disabling conditions remain in solitary confinement for extended periods, even though it is virtually certain to exacerbate their underlying conditions.

HB 1252 Renewable energy power purchase agreements; pilot programs.

Introduced by: Terry G. Kilgore | all patrons    …    notes add to my profiles


Renewable energy power purchase agreements; pilot programs. Revamps the provisions of pilot programs, initially authorized in 2013, permitting third party power purchase agreements. The measure (i) opens up the pilot programs to eligible agricultural customer-generators; (ii) renames “third party power purchase agreements” as “net metering power purchase agreements”; (iii) broadens eligible participants to include any tax-exempt nonprofit organization, public school, or institution of higher education in the Commonwealth; (iv) eliminates caps on total pilot program participation; and (v) eliminates the requirement that eligible renewable energy facilities have a minimum capacity of 50 kilowatts. The measure has a sunset date of January 1, 2022.



Who is your member of congress?

U.S. Senators:
Senator Tim Kaine: 202-224-4024
Senator Mark Warner: 202-224-2023

To e-mail Senators, go to the “Contact” pages on their websites at

U.S. House of Representatives:
Congressman Tom Garrett, 5th district: 434-791-2596 (Danville) 202-225-4711 (Washington, DC)
Congressman Bob Goodlatte, 6th district: 540-857-2672 (Roanoke) 202-225-5431 (Washington, DC)
Congressman Morgan Griffith, 9th district: 540-381-5671 (Christiansburg) 202-225-3861 (Washington, DC)

To e-mail your Congressman, go to the “Contact” pages on his website at . To track pending bills in the U.S. Congress:

Virginia Senate:
David Suetterlein, 19th district: 540-302-8486 (Roanoke) 804-698-7519 (Richmond)
Bill Stanley, 20th district: 540-721-6028 (Moneta) 804-698-7520 (Richmond)
John Edwards, 21st district: 540-985-8690 (Roanoke) 804-698-7521 (Richmond)
Steve Newman, 23rd district: 434-385-1065 (Forest) 804-698-7532 (Richmond)

Virginia House of Delegates
Nick Rush, 7th district: 540-382-7731 (Christiansburg) 804-698-1007 (Richmond)
Greg Habeeb, 8th district 540-915-2962 (Salem) 804-698-1008 (Richmond)
Charles Poindexter, 9th district 540-576-2600 (Glade Hill) 804-698-1009 (Richmond)
Sam Rasoul, 11th district: 540-904-6905 (Roanoke) 804-698-1011 (Richmond)
Chris Hurst, 12th district: 804-698-1012 (Richmond)
Chris Head, 17th district: 540-283-2839 (Roanoke) 804-698-1017 (Richmond)
Terry Austin, 19th district: 540-254-1500 (Buchanan) 804-698-1019 (Richmond)

To track legislation in the Virginia General Assembly: (click on “Bills and Resolutions”)
To determine who your representatives are go to: (search “Enter Your Address” box). This site provides information on both state and federal legislators based on your address.