Music at UUCR

Welcome to the music page of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Roanoke.  The music program here is vibrant and always growing.  The choir, led by our Music Director, Kerry Morgiewicz sings at least twice a month during Sunday services and a few times a year at other special events. We also have a children’s choir led by Beth Caruthers.  The children sing in Sunday services every few months as well as during the Christmas Eve service.  On other Sundays guest musicians, our Music Director, or our assistant Music Director provide music.

We are not only about singing.  Choir is a wonderful way to get to know other members oft he church.  We have several social events each year.  Please explore the rest of this page and view our image gallery at the bottom to find out more about our music program.

UUCR Choir

This 25-30 member group meets Wednesdays from 7:15 to 9:00 in the large sanctuary.  We rehearse at 10:00am on the Sundays that we sing.  Our diverse repertoire ranges from Renaissance to Opera, from folk songs to gospel, from music theater to the Beatles.  We also love multi-cultural music and enjoy the challenge of singing in new styles and languages.  We bring in local musicians to add variety and spice to our exciting array of musical genres.  Please click here to view the choir calendar.  For links to the pieces we are working on, please email Kerry Morgiewicz at

 UUCR Children’s Choir

The children’s choir meets as scheduled by Beth Caruthers.  This group is made up of children of all ages that enjoy singing.  Our children sing pop songs, folk songs, hymns, and even partner with the adults from time to time.  If your child is interested in singing please email Beth at

The Faces of UUCR Music