Action Advocates

Action Advocates is a group of church members who believe that an important way to put our 7 Unitarian Universalist Principles into action is to make our voices heard by our local, state, and national elected officials. We encourage members and friends to meet with, call, write, or e-mail their legislators to urge them to vote in favor of measures that are consistent with our UU values and to oppose measures that are not.

UUCR Action Advocates – Tips for Contacting Your Legislators

Virginia Special Session on Gun Violence

Convening July 9, 2019

Governor Northam has called the General Assembly back to Richmond for a special session on gun-related legislation. We encourage you to contact your legislators to express your view on this topic. Telephone calls are among the most effective ways of making your views known to your representative but if you prefer, you can send an e-mail or postcard.

Begin all messages with your personal information, end with a thanks:

“My name is _____ ______ and my address is _____________ “ (give full address, including zip code).

“Thank you for your time.”

A sample script for those in support of tighter gun regulations:

I am calling/writing as your constituent to urge you to do the right thing at the special session on gun violence. Please vote for universal background checks, a ban on assault weapons, the extreme risk protective order, reinstatement of the one gun per month law, and any other common sense gun control legislation that is brought up for a vote.


Who are your legislators?  Find the names and contact information on your Virginia and U.S. legislators at:



Your vote is only the beginning.  Contact your legislators and  tell them what you think.  Tell them your values.  Tell them what is most important to you.  Write to them, call them, or meet with them in person.  That’s the way democracy is done.