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You May not be able to change the whole world but you can change the place you live!

Putting the 7th Unitarian Universalist principle into action in our church and our community: “We Affirm and Promote respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part”.

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“In Tough Times Our Community Becomes Our Safety Net”.

“Right now in America, anxiety is the new normal. And when you look at all that has changed over the past couple of weeks, it’s not hard to see why. The stock market is plunging, and once-thriving businesses are suffering. Hospitals are flooded with sick people. Airports are ghost towns. Events are canceled. “Panic buying” has caused certain store shelves (we all know which ones) to be perpetually empty.

Even more unnerving than what is happening is what might happen. It’s hard not to worry: Will I get the virus? Will someone I love get it? How low will the stock market drop? Will there be a recession? Will we have to lay people off? Will I lose my job? 

If all the bad news and uncertainty is wearing you out, here is a positive thought to focus on: Maybe those of us who so passionately believe in the power of community are about to be proven right. On a national level, it may look like we are falling apart, but we need to remember that our strength has always manifested on the local level. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it once more: Locally is where America is at its best”.

In Tough times, Our Community Becomes Our Safety Net




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Mary Harshfield:

We need your help! The Recycling Team asks that you look carefully at the items being placed into our bins. You may not be aware that Roanoke City no longer accepts #3 -#7 plastics. We are only collecting a #1 or #2. If there is any other number or there is no imprint, please do not recycle it. If you’re in doubt about whether to recycle an item it is probably best to put it into the trash bin.

Other items that are recyclable include: aluminum beverage cans, steel cans, and tin cans, glass bottles and jars, mixed paper, newspaper, magazines, cardboard boxes, and pizza box lids (with no food scraps or grease).

Our Recycling Team assigns somebody to sort through the bins each Sunday and bring the recyclables out to the big blue bin. They often find plastic bags, aluminum foil, food, or other plastic or metal objects which Roanoke City does not recycle. For your own information, it is nice to know that you can take metal items to Gerdau Metals Recycling (off of Wonju Street) or clean plastic grocery bags to the grocery store. We love our volunteers and would love to work with you! 

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