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Unitarian Universalist 7th Principle: “We affirm and promote respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part”.



“Anything that is not replenished by nature as fast as we’re using it cannot be part of a successful future. In the end, success can only mean sustainability. The rule book could get by with that one line. The converse is also true: unsustainable is unsuccessful. Which should we aim to be?” Tom Murphy  Read full article here




climate & Clean Energy Rally – April 24th, 2021 

April 24th, 12 noon to 1 PM
The Unitarian Universalist Church of Roanoke will again hold a Climate & Clean Energy Rally on its street corner at Grandin Rd. and Brandon Ave. from noon to 1 PM on April 24th. This will be the latest in a series we have been doing since 2015. We will gather to hold signs that will remind drivers passing by about the importance of combating the climate crisis and switching to clean, renewable energy. (We will maintain appropriate distancing and masks will be required. The church owns the property on both sides of the street, so there is plenty of room to spread out). There will be signs available but you may bring your own if they are about the climate, renewable energy, or energy conservation. E-mail Bob at canyonlake76@gmail if you have questions.

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Power companies urge Biden to implement policies to cut emissions 80% by 2030

A group of U.S. electricity companies wrote to President Joe Biden this week saying it will work with his administration and Congress to design a broad set of policies to reach a near-term goal of slashing the sector’s carbon emissions by 2030.  Read full article here.


Why the Market for ‘Blue Carbon’ Credits May Be Poised to Take Off

Off the shores of Virginia, vast meadows of seagrass sway in the shallow waters. Over the past two decades, conservation scientists have spread more than 70 million seeds in the bays there, restoring 3,600 hectares (9,000 acres) of an ecosystem devastated by disease in the 1930s. Read article here.


How a Plant-Based Diet Boosts Health in 28 Days | Dr. Alan Desmond: Watch video here.


Earth’s Real Treasure

by Tom Murphy

“Compared to the real value of earth and its organisms, our minuscule annual economy is like a flea on the dog, yet our decisions are always about maximizing short-term gain for the flea, as if it’s all that matters. Without the dog, the flea loses any worth it presumed it had”. Read full article here.


US Public Warming Up Quickly to Electric Vehicles

More than half of Americans say EVs are critical for tackling the climate crisis.

Back in 2018, a AAA survey suggested that 20% of American drivers thought their next car would be electric. Now, just three years later, a separate report – by market research firm Ipsos and EVBox Group – suggests a full 41% of Americans would at least consider an electric vehicle (EV) for their next purchase. Read full article here.

Riding a Bike Has One-Tenth the Impact of an Electric Car

A full life-cycle analysis shows that EVs still have a significant carbon footprint. Read article here.


‘Immediate and drastic.’ The climate crisis is seriously spooking economists

By Matt EganCNN Business 

New York (CNN)Worsening inequality, trillions of dollars in economic damage and depressed economic growth. Those are the outcomes that economists fear we will face unless the world aggressively confronts the climate crisis.

Nearly three-quarters (74%) of economists agree “immediate and drastic” action is warranted to curb emissions, according to a survey released Tuesday from the Institute for Policy Integrity at the NYU School of Law.  Read full article here


vegan diet and alzheimer’s disease

Watch video here: Watch video here.


How the Sounds of Nature Affect Your Well-Being

Listening to birds and water can lower stress and improve mood, study finds.

Researchers have long known there are benefits from being in nature. Living around trees can help you live longer.1 Walking in the woods is good for your mood.2 Being near water can have positive effects on your well-being.But it’s not just what you see that makes an impact. A new study finds that natural sounds offer health benefits too.4 Read full article here


Fossil Fuels Will Continue To Dominate For Decades To Come

The stone age didn’t end due to a lack of stones, and the oil age will end long before the “world runs out of oil”. This quote, often attributed to Saudi Oil Minister Shiekh Yamani, highlights a vital and frequently misunderstood fact about the oil industry. Oil supplies are not going to run out, but oil will eventually be replaced by cheaper, cleaner, and more efficient energy sources. This misunderstanding has led many analysts to predict the death of the oil industry. The Paris Agreement has set a global goal to control climate change and reduce the temperature of the earth. That goal will not be achievable until the world shifts from fossil fuels to clean and renewable energy. These ambitious targets are sure to accelerate the global energy transition away from fossil fuels, but it remains unclear just how long that transition will take. Read full article here.


“Real Talk About Dairy”

A YouTube video discussion about health and dairy products. Watch video here.


When it Comes to Climate, We Should Keep it Simple

Dr. Jonathan Foley says we shouldn’t wait for Captain Kirk to save us.

In a recent post on climate action, I quoted Dr. Jonathan Foley, the Executive Director of Project Drawdown, from an article in which he complained that people seem to avoid simple solutions that we might be able to do now, and instead prefer a more complicated, technologically aggressive path. He claims he doesn’t know why. Read full article here










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