Generosity Campaign

Spring has come.

When we step outside, we might see the first stirrings of life emerging from the soil around us: snowdrops, daffodils, tulips, irises. At some earlier time, their bulbs were planted in the earth, fed with nutrients from the soil, watered with rain and snow, and now they are stretching their leaves and stems toward the sun, gracing us with their joyful beauty.

Our church has been planting seeds and watching them grow.

Rev. Walter LeFlore, our developmental minister, recently moved from New York to lead our congregation. Jessie McKeon recently changed her role from member to our new Director of Lifespan Faith Development. Their leadership has planted a new spirit of warmth that is revitalizing our wonderful congregation of UUs here in Roanoke, Virginia. A new life is emerging from the soil.

As the 2021-2022 Generosity Campaign begins, we plan to sow yet more seeds with this year’s pledges.

Come join us.

When we all pledge together, we ensure a bright and vibrant future for us all.

Just below the slideshow, you may pledge electronically using the provided e-form. However, if you prefer a hard copy of the pledge card and/or pledge packet, please contact Judy Granger (; church office: 540-342-8888).

Go ahead and plant a seed. Invest in our future.

Generosity Campaign Progress

Number of Pledges Goal – 145


As of 06/06/21, we have 108 pledges, which is 74.5% of our goal of 145 pledge units.

These pledges include 98 recurring (i.e., pledged last year), 6 resumed (did not pledge last year but pledged in previous years), and 4 new (i.e., first-time pledge).

Budget Goal – $225,000


As of 5/23/21, the pledges we have received account for a commitment of $199,771, which is 88.8% of our goal of $225,000

Generosity Campaign Slideshow

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Pledge Card for 2021-2022

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Generosity Campaign Support Materials

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