from the Rev…

Shared practice for many of us is to make plans, especially with the coming of Spring, for the yard, the garden, the summer travel, the vacations, the social gatherings, and if we have children the planning for all the applications that will have to filled out for their activities in the months ahead. Planning for the pleasures of Spring, Summer and Early Fall is something that many of us do year after year because we know it’s to our good to do this work. We realize that the early planning has potential to bring us greater pleasure.

Congregations, like individuals, benefit from planning. Some congregations do planning more easily than others. Congregations with articulated visions about what they hope to accomplish into their future seem always to do better with planning. Congregations with planning protocols usually do better. So too do congregations that aren’t fighting amongst themselves. And most especially, congregations that have a sustained practice of planning do better with continuing practice of planning. Planning can become good habit in a congregation.

I’m hopeful that our congregation is ready to commit to a practice of sustained planning. Our Board is doing exemplary work in this regard. So too our UUCR Staff which is now wrestling with multiple year planning on our behalf. Time now to ask each of you, both as individuals and as champions of congregational efforts for which you have passion, to begin to ponder what you hope for, and want to plan for, at UUCR over the next several years. I’m planning multiple opportunities for you this Spring to engage me and our Board on what you yearn to have in a UUCR Plan for Our Future.

These opportunities from me will play out largely in our Sunday Morning Worship and in a Pastoral Letter that I’ll be sending your way towards the end of April. My hope, my plan, is for us to have a “rough draft plan” for all of us, and especially our Board, to ponder by our Annual Congregational Meeting on Sunday, June 3.

I hope you’re more pleased with this early coming of Spring than am I. I’m still yearning for a good snow day on which I planned to wear my new winter clearance sale snow boots. Such is life…

Thankful for the privilege of being your minister, and even more so for knowing you.

Much heart, RevAlex