If you missed being at church Sundays in September, here’s what I preached:

  1. Vibrant religious community encourages everyone to deeper relationship with their own selves, the selves of others, and the Great Mystery (which many call God).
  2. Vibrant religious community identifies the Common Good and strives to make it manifest. In order to do that, self-interests need to yield to the needs of the many.
  3. UUCR is showing encouraging evidence of being a vibrant religious community.

In October, I’ll strive to move you into deeper contemplation of the Great Mystery. The month is a natural for this type religious endeavor in that it ends with All Hallows’ Eve, which we know as Halloween.

Here at UUCR, we also begin this month with memorial services to celebrate the lives of two precious men who came and went from our congregation over many years – Bill Patterson, whose service is on 10/7, and Dev Seth, whose service is on 10/8. Both these men, and the many others of UUCR who have died are now part of what I understand to be oUUr Communion of Saints.

Our October 2017 will end with our Sunday Worship focusing on what it is to be one of oUUr Saints.

Be religious:

  • Look to others to help you see and know yourself better;
  • Strive to help others do likewise and be glad for coming to know them;
  • Dig deep into the possibility that Great Mystery permeates all our being.

May the beauty of October inspire each of us to greater thankfulness for the miracle of life, especially our own. Much heart, RevAlex