From Our Minister

Welcome! Welcome to the Unitarian Universalist Church of Roanoke!

As Minister to this congregation, I’m privileged to welcome you on behalf of everyone who participates in our life together. I share with all these people an understanding that hospitality is the most important ministry of our congregation. We are glad you’re here!

As a NewComer, you’re great gift to us. You help us hone our welcoming. You may also represent new perspectives, new understandings and even new challenges. You are, in theological terms that set well with most Unitarian Universalists, a new manifestation of the divine that we can hope to come to know.

We hope that you come to know us. Our Unitarian Universalist faith has always prized the gifts that come of knowing and being known. We understand that our personal faith beliefs deepen best out of the gifts and challenges of interpersonal relationships. We feel especially blessed when a NewComer brings the possibility of more relationship our way.

As Minister, I’m also honored to invite you to let me know of anything I, or we, can do to help you in exploration of our congregation. I will always be glad for conversation with you and will be most happy to make time to sit and talk.

Thankful for your presence amongst us,
Thankful for the opportunity to share with you of our faith,