For Children


for the kids – children’s religious education


Teaching our young people is a joint effort of families and the church community. We strive to ensure that all of our children and teens feel safe and nurtured as they develop, deepen, and explore ways to express their faith.

The Religious Education (RE) program at our Church is designed to impart to our young a strong foundation of Unitarian Universalist heritage and principles, in depth knowledge of our Judeo-Christian heritage, and a respectful examination of world religions. We also work together to help our children make responsible ethical and moral choices as they mature.

The kids’ program is held each Sunday at 11 am during the worship service.  The kids are checked in to their own special class area at 11 am while their parents can enjoy the worship service.  Kids (and parents) can choose to stay for the whole worship service as well. Crayons and paper are available.

Our high school youth group (YRUU) for grades 8-12 meets at 12:30 on Sunday afternoons, September through May.

  • Nursery (Ages 0 – 3)

Nursery at UUCR

Check out our new Nursery space, located downstairs, for our littlest friends. Sunday morning playtime offers a chance for young ones to become comfortable at church.


  • PRE K (AGES 3 – 4)


Our first introduction to the 7 UU Principles and the values inherent within, like kindness, respect and trustworthiness. A story, a craft project, and playtime allow kids to think of UUCR as their church.


  • grades k – 2

gr k-2

Dr. Seuss, himself a Unitarian, has written a treasure trove of stories for young children that serve as wonderful resources about our UU principles and values. Although highly entertaining, the stories contain profound lessons for children of all ages, based on life situations that we all experience.

  • grades 3 – 5

grades 3-5


Based on J.K. Rowling’s popular Harry Potter books, this class encourages the development of a social conscience, while allowing students to engage in fun wizarding activities. As members of Dumbledore’s Army, the class will fight seven real-world horcruxes, including Illiteracy, Hunger, and Hatred. This fun, highly active class will allow students to make a real world difference in their community and in the world.

  • grades 6 – 8

grades 6 -8


The Twilight Zone tackled a diversity of social issues and political statements not seen in shows of its time. Its creator, Rod Serling (himself a Unitarian), believed that controversial messages and dialogues were needed to get a point across, and purposely created a science fiction show to get such messages past corporate censors. These timeless episodes are used as the basis for in-depth discussions of a wide variety of topics. After viewing an episode, the class engages in discussion and activities, designed to encourage deep contemplation of social justice issues.

  • grades 9 – 12

grades 9 - 12


Our high school youth group, Young Religious Unitarian Universalists (YRUU) meets on Sundays to have fun, share spiritual interests, and serve others.Youth empowerment is an important goal of YRUU. Teens gain the ability and agency to make decisions and create change in their own lives and in the lives of other people.

important dates

  • summer re

    Continues through Sunday, August 20

  • tba (all ages)

    Sunday, August 27

  • Labor Day Weekend – No RE

    Sunday, September 3

  • fall re

Begins Sunday, September 10

Fall registration

Fall registration is now open for all programs. You must register each fall, even if your child or youth has attended previously