Nursery – Cheers to our dedicated child care staff for their support of our nursery and adult RE programs. Our urgent, growing need for child care reflects a growing participation in lifespan faith development programs. Please contact Alan to sign up for paid child care shifts.


Children RE – Sundays | 11:00 am: Worship Service and Children’s RE

• Ages 0-3: Nursery playtime!
• Pre-K
• Grades K-2
• Grades 3-5
• Grades 6-8

Youth RE High School – Sundays | 5:00 pm: YRUU
Our YRUU high school youth group meet on Sunday evenings and at times off site locations.

YRUU high school youth group continue to participate in the monthly Pack-a-Snack program. The need continues to rise, which is why it is so important UUCR continue to donate snack size nutritional foods to this worthy cause. Thank you for all the continued support! Contact Bonnie Evans with any questions. bevans@uuroanoke.org


Register – All children and youth need to be registered to fully participate in church activities. REGISTER HERE




Volunteer Teachers – Our Faith Development program needs new teaching volunteers for each Semester. Each age group needs a teaching team of four; each teacher selects four weeks lead-teaching and four weeks assistant-teaching. Curricula and classroom materials are prepared in advance by staff, you and the kids have all the fun! Make a difference with our future church leaders! We also welcome advisors, substitutes, craft project leaders, child care providers, and other volunteers. Volunteers are the heart of UUCR. Somewhere there is a need that matches your passion! ONLINE VOLUNTEER FORM