2018-2019 Children’s Religious Education

Nursery (ages 0-3)   
Our trained caregivers provide a fun, loving, and educational environment to foster play and friendships

Chalice Children (pre-K)
Young children are introduced to basic concepts of religion and Unitarian Universalism in the context of our home and traditions at Unitarian Universalist Church of Roanoke.

Picture Book Religions (grades K-2)
Using picture books and fun, meaningful activities for teaching young children about religious stories with a UU perspective, sourced from two great curriculum: Picture Book World Religions and Picture Book Bible Tales. The stories illustrate concepts such as the value of wisdom and loyalty in Hinduism, the importance of family in Islam, and the practice of compassion for all living beings in Buddhism.

Holidays and Holy Days (grades 3-5)
A newly revised version of an old favorite. Kids progress through the year’s world religious calendar, learning about, practicing, and honoring holiday traditions from many cultures

Summer RE
Pre-K and elementary students join together from June through August for inclusive Religious Education classes and activities during the Sunday worship service.

Children’s Music
Our Music and LFD staff collaborate to provide musical experience, education, and sharing in our classes and at intergenerational worship services and other church events

Children’s Offering
All children and youth are encouraged to participate in the Sunday children’s offering. Our donations this year will support the Cup of Hope Cafe

2018-2019 Youth Religious Education  

Building Bridges (grades 6-8)
A year long exploration of the diversity of faiths in our neighborhood. Kids spend one week focusing on a major faith tradition, followed by a visit to a local example of that faith community. Religious explorers of all ages are invited to join the youth on these Out of Church Experiences.

Middle School Youth Group (grades 6-8)
Provides monthly chaperoned social activities for middle school youth

YRUU High School Youth Group (grades 9-12)
High schoolers meet weekly on Sunday evenings to have fun, plan and execute activities, explore theology, engage in leadership development and social action, and share within a circle of confidentiality

OWL (Our Whole Lives) sexuality education
Offered for teens in the Spring by trained UUCR facilitators

Teen youth participation is also encouraged in Adult Faith Development and leadership programs

2018-2019 Adult Religious Education and Inter-generational Faith Development

UUCR Lifespan Faith Development Goals

  • Catalyze and nurture learning and growth
  • Foster religious literacy and our individual and congregational UU identity
  • Provide relevant, inclusive, multi-generational faith development opportunities
  • Act as individuals to develop our social conscience and take compassionate steps to live our faith in community

Registration is now open  All minor children and youth (ages 0-17) must register to participate in UUCR faith development programs, including nursery and out-of-church experiences for older youth. Online registration is found here: https://goo.gl/forms/SfFkcuOxz8IBL0dF2

Alan Moore, Director of Lifespan Faith Development