Children and Youth

Sundays from 9:15 AM – 12:15 PM, the Nursery is open for play and friendship-building with our experienced caregivers.

All children above nursery age join their families for the beginning of worship service, then are sung out to classes

For pre-K (ages 3-4):
UU is Home for Us All
We gather to learn about our home church and explore together our questions, interests, and stories. We aim to foster a sense of belonging, safety, and connection.

For elementary school children (grades K-2nd and 3rd-5th):
We’re on Our Way
An Anti-Oppression, Multi-Cultural Values Curriculum for 1st – 5th Grade UUs. Learning about our differences and how they make us who we are. Working together, we learn to be fair, just, and make a difference. We meet in two age groups with age-appropriate activities.

For middle school youth (grades 6-8):
D’Oh God! The Gospel according to The Simpsons, and Bobby Hill?
We use food and the animated TV shows, The Simpsons and King of the Hill, to evaluate a wide variety of religious and human diversity topics.

Middle School Youth Group / Parent Potluck
Meets on first Saturdays to provide social interaction and service for both youth (Olin Room) and parents (Kitchen). Our next Saturday will be a little different. On January 11th we will meet on the second Saturday at 6 PM. Please RSVP to  Bonnie.

For high school youth (grades 9-12):
YRUU Youth Group
We meet on 1st and 4th Sundays after the worship service for friendly fun, exploring Unitarian Universalism and spirituality with peers, social action and service, and enjoying the outdoors and seeking natural wonder.  During the worship service, many of our youth perform service roles in the classrooms and nursery.

YRUU also leads a monthly discussion on climate change on 3rd Sundays after the service. Please see the Adult RE section for more details.

Our Faith Development Goals
  • Catalyze and nurture learning and growth
  • Foster religious literacy and our individual and congregational UU identity
  • Provide relevant, inclusive, multi-generational faith development opportunities
  • Act as individuals to develop our social conscience and take compassionate steps to live our faith in community

Our 2020 Religious Education Registration form is now online.
All children and youth must be registered to participate in RE programs…