Tai Chi (Qigong and Taijiquan class)

Reduce stress, increase stamina, flexibility, coordination, and balance, enhance and support the immune system, heal previous injuries, improve cardiovascular, respiratory, circulatory, lymphatic and digestive functions, expand awareness, and enhance spiritual experience.

Students in this class will learn:

· The 24- move sequence of the Yang family style Taijiquan

· A wide range of Qigong exercises that includes the Eight Pieces of Brocade and the Five Animal Frolics

· Continuing students will have the opportunity to learn advanced forms such as the Yang sword or the complete Yang barehand sequence

Please join us weekly at UUCR, Fellowship Hall from 6 – 7 pm. Cost is $5 per class or  FIRST CLASS IS FREE. 50% of proceeds will go to UUCR.

The instructor is Alan Armstrong, a 30 year practitioner of Qigong and Taijiquan in the lineage of Chinese master Jou Tsung-Hwa. For more information contact Alan Armstrong at or 815-8007

Worship: Pulpit Exchange Rev. Paul Boothby

RevAlex will be exchanging pulpits with his beloved colleague, Rev. Paul Boothby. Paul serves our congregation in Lynchburg and is delighted to be speaking at UUCR this Sunday. Pack the place full for Paul!

“Beginning the Work, Again” Every generation is called to challenge the insidious persistence of racial injustice as it manifests in their age. How do we understand the problem today, and what are the steps we must take? UU Congregations are taking seriously the call to confront the cultural phenomenon of White Supremacy. What does can that work look like for you?

Rev. Paul Boothby is a lifelong UU and has served the church in Lynchburg for ten years.


Living The Questions Class – New Series begins November 5th

Adult Religious Education-

Living the Questions class- Sundays, 9:30 AM, Olin Room
A new study on November 5th with the LLoyd Geering book “Coming Back To Earth, From gods, to God, to Gaia”.  Geering writes that “the modern secular world, far from being the enemy of Christianity, is the legitimate continuation of the Judeo-Christian path of faith”.   The last chapter of the book is entitled Moving Toward A New Form of Mysticism.  Please join us for this intriguing survey of religious history and where he believes the future of religion is headed. Each participant is urged to purchase their own book.

Please join us; all are welcome. Contact Gene Edmunds with questions,