Our Mission & Vision

UUCR Mission Statement – A Diverse, Caring Community, Nurturing Our Members in their quest for Spiritual Growth, and Living our Faith in Service to the Larger Community.

Our Vision –  is that UUCR will become a church of abundance. To do so, our members will learn to be abundant in their lives. We will share our abundance freely. We can learn to reframe our challenges and become a permission-granting community. We want to be safe within our walls but courageous enough to move our mission beyond our walls. We long to be bold enough to try something new and fail, and then try something else. We must learn to let go of our fear and to stop hiding our hearts. We need to begin to live our beliefs loudly and impact our surrounding community. by doing so. If the UUCR were to vanish tomorrow, we want our absence to be noticed by our community.