Board of Directors


from the President…

Great Expectations

On the Sunday after the 2016 Presidential election, a “blue funk” descended on the UUCR congregation. Hushed conversations asked “How did this happen?” and “What do we do now?” The energy was very low. Expectations for the upcoming year did not seem bright. It could have led to a very long year.

But that did not happen. Several small groups decided not to let it happen. Soon classrooms were being repaired and painted, offices refurbished, and bathrooms updated. Spirits revived as new bright blue front and back doors were installed. Slowly attendance in RE increased, and outreach in political action and environmental issues intensified. To cap the year, two more stained glass windows were installed. To quote a famous song, “It was a Very Good Year.”

Despite the terrible events in Charlottesville, momentum continued last Fall. The RE classrooms were full of young people. A wide range of activities happened every week. Three Christmas services produced record attendance.

Now, as a very cold winter has settled in, even bigger projects are developing for the Spring. With “a little help from our friends”, over $80,000 worth of long-needed projects will be completed: a new parking lot and expanded driveway, and a total remodeling of the kitchen should be completed by June.

What follows is obvious: we have depleted our resources, and need to raise money. To make all this succeed, we need to have two separate fund-raising campaigns; one for the capital projects and one for our yearly budget. Both campaigns will be different from recent stewardship drives, and both will begin in February.

To raise money for the many needs of the kitchen, there will be a “kitchen registry” (think wedding registry) in which people will contribute money for particular parts or items, from plumbing and rewiring to new stoves and cabinets. A list of each job or item and its cost will be available to choose from.

The Stewardship campaign will be much more “hands-on” this year. In reviewing last year’s problems, we were told that people wanted more contact and a chance for feedback. Everyone will get that chance. I will chair this drive, and enlist the help of five “captains”, who will each seek out five people willing to meet with every member who wishes to be canvassed in person. The campaign will run until April 1st, Easter Sunday. An update on each of these campaigns will be the topic of my March letter.