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The Unitarian Universalist Church of Roanoke maintains a subscription list to our e-newsletter (sent weekly) for information and church information alerts.   We use MailChimp to maintain a list of subscribers to this information; our church members, friends, and newcomers are welcome to subscribe.   If you subscribe, you will typically receive less than three messages per week.   An "unsubscribe link" appears at the end of all messages so that you do not have to receive messages you don't want.  

To subscribe, click here. Thank you for joining us!


In addition, we have some information about how to get information from this website.

Much of our website is open to the public, but certain areas of the website are restricted to members and friends of our church.   We are protecting the internal church member and friend directory, the names and contact information of elected and committee members and officers of the church, and certain news publications such as the newsletter and the e-newsletter archive.   These restrictions are not in place to prohibit access to our members and friends, but rather they are security to restrict access from information trolling spam robots which attack our website at regular intervals.   We make access to real human beings as simple and easy as we can.

If you have an account that gives you access to the protected portions of the website, you can login and access this data by clicking here.   A registered email address and corresponding password are required.   If you do not have an account or have forgotten your account password, you may click the same link above to request access or reset your password.


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