Ongoing Events
6:00 pm, Mondays: Tai Chi (Qigong and Taijiquan)
6:00 pm, Mondays: Good Enuf Choir Practice
6:30 pm, 3rd Tuesdays,: Director’s Cut faith development movie night
6:00 pm, last Tuesdays: The Sun magazine discussion group
12:30 pm, Thursdays: Men’s group
11:30 pm, 1st & 3rd Thurdays: Women’s Group. Contact Bonnie Nelson.
6:30 pm, 2nd Fridays: Earth Friendly Fridays. 
7:00 pm, 3rd Saturdays: Dances of Universal Peace
12:30 pm, 2nd Sundays: Non-Theist Group
Writing Group – Coming July 11!


Registration is open for SUUSI 2018 (15-21 July) http://solis.suusi.org
And coming soon, 20-24 July: UUA General Assembly, Kansas City